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Increasing demands on healthcare providers have caused challenges at levels never before experienced. Even the largest healthcare organizations struggle to keep up with daily requirements, while others simply lack the resources in-house to complete complex or unanticipated projects on time.

That’s why Alaska’s medical professionals turn to Anderson & Lohr. Our healthcare management experience spans many of the most specialized components of healthcare administration, from medical center management and certificate of need application to ICD 10 CM and HIPAA compliance. Because we work with a diversity of healthcare providers, our highly-experienced, credentialed1 team brings a wealth of real-life expertise to your organization. Our background in completing similar projects throughout Alaska assures that we’ll provide you with the latest knowledge and technical expertise. We don’t need to study the process or hire additional staff –- we can implement your project immediately.

Our broad array of healthcare consulting services include:

  • Regulatory and licensing processes, including CON, licensing and certification
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Planning and set up of new practices
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Compliance, reviews and audits
  • Medical practice management
  • Healthcare IT systems
  • Organizational development and training

1Certified coding specialists (AHIMA and AAPC), certified medical billing specialists (AMBA) and registered health information administrators (AHIMA)


Anderson & Lohr specializes in helping Alaska medical facilities, clinics and healthcare professionals meet state and federal regulatory compliance requirements, effectively utilize ICD-10 CM, improve coding and billing practices, and optimize revenue performance.


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