End the Risk of Security Gaps

Could your organization afford a fine of up to $1,000,000? Most can’t. Yet that could be the penalty for a HIPAA ePHI1 breach --- resulting from risks seemingly as small as loss of an unencrypted USB drive or a misplaced phone message. No organization is too small to avoid scrutiny.



We can help end the risk. Our certified2 professionals will:

  • Assess your current level of HIPAA security risk and identify action needed
  • Evaluate if processes meet Federal and state privacy requirements
  • Develop required physical, administrative and technical safeguards, such as mobile device security
  • Conduct the required risk assessment
  • Help your organization meet standards of the Medicare / Medicaid EHR incentive program
  • Provide HIPAA compliance training for your staff

Eliminate the worry and cost of security gaps. Call about a HIPAA risk assessment for your organization.

1 HIPAA Electronic Protected Health Information requirements, effective 9/13

2 Certified coding specialists (AHIMA and AAPC), certified medical billing specialists (AMBA) and registered health information administrators (AHIMA)


Anderson & Lohr specializes in helping Alaska medical facilities, clinics and healthcare professionals meet state and federal regulatory compliance requirements, effectively utilize ICD-10 CM, improve coding and billing practices, and optimize revenue performance.


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