Get paid more ---- get paid faster

Thousands of dollars or perhaps hundreds of thousands. That could be the amount of cash your organization has earned, but not yet received, due to staffing issues or poor internal procedures.

The good news? We can help you collect it. Our revenue cycle management process:


  • Provides you with experienced and certified1 revenue cycle management professionals, including certified billers, coders and reimbursement specialists
  • Helps you clear up coding and billing backlogs and brings the revenue to your bottomline
  • Keeps your billing current and fully captures appropriate levels of reimbursement
  • Builds cash flow with more effective accounts receivable processes
  • Increases staff knowledge, responsiveness and efficiency
  • Supports enhancement of care and the patient experience
  • Reduces costs of revenue cycle operations

Does it work? Yes. A&L clients average:

  • 94% claims paid on first submission
  • 32% fewer days in accounts receivable2
  • 8% increase in overall collections2

Get paid more and get paid faster. Schedule a revenue cycle assessment and find out how A&L’s experience can bring the income earned to the bottomline

1Certified coding specialists (AHIMA and AAPC), certified medical billing specialists (AMBA) and registered health information administrators (AHIMA)

2 1st year


Anderson & Lohr specializes in helping Alaska medical facilities, clinics and healthcare professionals meet state and federal regulatory compliance requirements, effectively utilize ICD-10 CM, improve coding and billing practices, and optimize revenue performance.


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