Alaska Medicaid Audit FAQs

How long will the self audit take to complete?
As the audit requires a detailed review and verification of all Medicaid charges and reimbursements, it is an intensive process with the time commitment necessary based on the number of claims for review.

Which years are required to be audited?
The current self audit covers the 2017 and 2018 years.

How can Anderson & Lohr help?
Our team has an extensive background in Medicaid billing, coding, reimbursement and audits, and provides support for a full range of audit types, including the Medicaid self audits. We bring our Medicaid reimbursement knowledge, combined with an in-depth understanding of the full range of coding and reimbursement requirements. Our team can handle any type of audit or review, and help solve problems which may be discovered. We have conducted a full range of Medicaid billing and coding audits for organizations of all sizes and bring decades of hands-on experience conducting audits in every type of healthcare setting.

What services can you provide to help us with the audit?
Our Medicaid specialists will work with you to complete any or all of the required steps, including:

  • Planning and preparing for the audit
  • Determining the methodology for random sampling and selecting the sample to meet the required minimum 90% confidence interval
  • Actual auditing of records for services provided and associated coding and billing
  • Creating the required audit documents and reports
  • Ensuring internal policies for the audit comply with the statute
  • Identifying any deficiencies and associated correction action required, including reporting any overpayments within the 10 business days mandated.
  • Setting up repayment plans and agreements as necessary
  • Completing and submitting all documentation to the State of Alaska
Audits can be completed remotely or on site. After the audit, we can also work with you to ensure that future services billed to Medicaid are supported by required documentation, record keeping and billing are conducted correctly per Medicaid regulations, and minimize the risk of over- or undercharges which would require adjustment or pay back.

What types of organizations do you handle?
Our specialists have a comprehensive background in working with hospitals, medical centers, healthcare facilities and practices of all sizes and specialties across Alaska. This includes stand-alone centers for surgery, imaging and orthopedics, and large physician practices. Anderson and Lohr also provides services for providers outside of Alaska.

What happens if the audit is not complete or the report is inaccurate?
Non-compliant providers may face significant penalties up to and including termination from the Medicaid program.

How much does it cost?
Fees for Medicaid audits are based on your organization's needs: the type and number of of services you need us to complete, and the quantity of charts required for review. Please contact us to discuss more about your service needs and options available.

Where can I find more information?
The State of Alaska provides self-audit guidelines and forms for providers.

Or contact our team at Anderson and Lohr for a discussion of the requirements and audit steps needed for your organization.

Medicaid Audits
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Medicaid Self Audit


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