Minimize Compliance Risks & Build Efficiency.

Accurate clinical documentation is essential to delivering the highest-quality healthcare while simultaneously operating an effective business. It also reduces the risk of expensive and time-consuming external audits and penalties.

Anderson & Lohr’s review and audit services help you and your team assess the delivery of care and compliance with payor, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements. This includes pre-audit, audit-in-process and post-audit occurrences. As an example, performing routine medical record audits not only mitigates risk, it also enhances efficiency of care delivery, and identifies issues to be resolved such as consistency in coding.

If your organization has an audit scheduled, we work with you in advance to thoroughly prepare and throughout the process to help reduce risk and mitigate financial impact.

Review and audit services include:

  • Billing, reimbursement and coding compliance reviews and audits
  • Medicaid/Medicare audits, self-audits and incentive programs
  • Internal auditing and reporting
  • Recovery audit contractor (RAC) assistance
  • HIPAA risk analysis and compliance
  • CMS audit preparation including recovery audit response