“Our facility had a serious problem keeping up with the changes for Medicaid compliance and was facing a significant fine.  Anderson & Lohr helped us conduct an audit to understand the extent of the problem and create an action plan. Their staff supported us throughout implementation and we met the requirements and deadlines to avoid punitive action. We now have a plan for moving forward that will keep us on track.”

“We had a team of coders and billers at our clinic processing claims. With Anderson & Lohr, we were able to re-assign those staff members to other needed duties while increasing collections and shortening turnaround time on receivables at the same time.”

“We didn’t understand the many details needed to manage the revenue cycle for our hospital.  We were getting further and further behind in billing and outstanding collections and write offs were skyrocketing.  By working with Anderson & Lohr, we increased collections and reduced staff overtime. The financial benefits were immediate while reducing our headaches and workload considerably.”

“Working with Anderson & Lohr, we reduced the AP days in our practice of 10 providers by 42% and increased collections by 36% in the first 90 days.”